Week 11: Publishable Post

The question that focuses your discussion…

Also, include research and images of art/design practices and contextualise within your discussion.

Human trafficking is an international crime violating human rights that generates vast profits, by turning millions of people around the world into human slaves. However, much of the western world is unaware of this crime occurring because of the lack of media attention. From an outsiders perspective, I believe that this issue needs to be addressed more in the media, as the only way that there is going to be changed in this international crime is if people are aware of this topic.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 3.46.42 pm

An example of something I would possibly want to re-create is the “Red Sand Project.” This is a project that hopes to recognize the most marginalized people, those who fall through the metaphoric ‘cracks’ – by inviting people to fill sidewalk cracks with red sand and document their sidewalk transformations on social media using #RedSandProject, It  raises awarness by people to stop and ask about the red sand, instead of just stepping over the cracks. Therefore creating a community which are now aware of how easy it is to look over the human trafficking and slavery trade.

I had no prior knowledge about this topic before it was taught in one of my classes, and through my academic research I am more interested in making a change, and the starting point of this is to make people more aware.


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