Week 9: Workbook

Read Chapter 7. Changing the World (pp253-286) and the Afterword: Visual Activism (pp287-298) in the set text How to See the World by Nicolas Mirzoeff.

Q. What does Mirzoeff mean by ‘visual activism’ and ‘visual thinking’? Consider an injustice, an issue of concern, a ‘big world problem’ or ‘wicked issue’ familiarise yourself with the various issues, debates and viewpoints.

Mirzoeff talks about visual activism as a form of image, sound, video or word which can ultimately change the way that people react to visual activism via their actions in terms of direct and indirect thoughts of the activism. Mirzoeff links this to visual thinking as the way that people react and interpret the meaning of visual imagery and visual activism differently due to perspectives, the idea of semiotics and how the idea of a visual image will change depending on whom is looking at it. This means that as artists, we have to understand how our work will be read through different cultural connotations/symbols and political context.


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