Week 8, Task 1: Tool Kit


Consider the skills, protocols, approaches, tools and knowledge’s you have acquired during this assessment and would take forward to the next and to other writing or contextual projects.

Consider: Independent Study Exercises and Tasks, CTL and Library Presentation Sessions, Resources for Completing Written Assessments, Paper Reader

List at least 12-20 things in total (at least 3 under each heading)  

  • Planning and Preparation

    • Study skill lectures
    • Brainstorming every section of the thesis to get a wider range of research
    • Creating mind maps that link idea
    • Research different paths that the question can take me and then narrow down on one when I find one that interests myself as a critical thinker.


  • Writing Skills

    • How to contextualize and write analytically
    • How to use correct MLA referencing in my work
    • Going through all my researching and putting it into chronological order then adding this to my work
    • Using Grammarly to correct my work


  • Content and Visual Text Analysis Tools

    • Understand how denotative vs. connotative effects my studying
    • considering ideology and how this might affect my theories
    • Researching the artist of the visual images I’m using for evaluation to contextualize the theories


  • Research and Information Gathering Tools and Protocols

    • understanding why further research is important to understanding the wider image
    • Getting a different range of perspectives to back up the thesis
    • Going to places such as the library to gain more knowledge on the topic
    • TedX talks are very helpful

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