Week 7, Task 2: How a visual text can be constructed

In a 100-250 word paragraph for a Blog Post discuss how a visual text can be constructed and read differently considering ‘world view’, ‘ideology’, and ‘the myth of photographic truth’

Personal perspectives can be altered by education, experiences, religion, culture, gender, age etc. These perspectives alter how people look and understand the world, and how they interact with it. These perspectives and worldviews can have massive effects on how people portray a visual text through the evaluation on the producer, audience, placement, subject matter, symbolism and underlying meaning as everyone will hold different opinions on these when they critically evaluate the visual text. Visual texts that refer to a dominant worldview would be more likely interpreted in the same way by several different people, this is because people with common worldviews will have the same understanding of the underlying factors of the visual text. Compared to a more marginalised worldview which will lead to a larger vary of interpretations by the audience.


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