Best Blog Post 2 = Week 6, Task 4: Analysis Ideology

Refer to one of your selected visual texts to explain why you think ideology is an important consideration when analysing this visual text.


Kardashian, Kim “Selfish”. Book cover. 2014. Web. 29/04/2016

Ideology is important when considering this visual image because as a representative of the celebrity world, Kim Kardashian is a figure that everyone looks up to, but what we have to question if we are really seeing the ‘truth’ when looking at images like this. We have to question how much this image has changed from the original- to be deemed as the ‘social norm’ things like this include make-up, fitness, photoshop and lighting used to make this image more visually appealing and supports the standard conventions of beauty, in an effort to gain the desired response of being deemed beautiful to maintain and expand her popularity and fame.


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