Week 6, Task 3: WEEKS 4-6 REFLECTION


From a personal perspective what has been the most interesting to you so far in this paper?

I have enjoyed learning about how personal perspectives on identity have changed through time and how much identity can be altered through the use of visual imagery.

• Think about the content, readings, resources, tasks and approach, so far. Comment on what has worked for you? Why?

I find the TedX talks very interesting because they give you a run down on everything about the topic, and this made it very easy for me to understand how perception can be deceived through visual imagery. All of the tasks are generally very helpful as they are enabling me to research every part of the question so that I am able to answer it to the best of my ability.

• How have your ideas, assumptions, knowledge and ways of working been challenged?

I have been finding thinking critically quite tedious when writing about this topic as there are so many different aspects and approaches that you can take.

• What creative approaches have you taken when doing this paper?

I find taking notes and creating visual physical brainstorms very helpful when taking this paper as when I have a creative bust it enables me to just write down everything and then refine that at a later date and upload it to my blog.

• Explain how the approaches, strategies, skills and/or processes encouraged in this paper be useful to you in your other BDes/BFA projects/modules/papers.

I think that the way we do our workflow would be incredibly useful in other papers. The way that we have to brainstorm our topic and then research this so much that any path that we take there is enough information to make a valid argument.

• Do you think you have a different or a new appreciation for a paper like this and its relevance to your desired art or design practice?

I definitely appreciate this paper more now (after i have figured out how much it has helped me) compared to at the start where I thought we were just repeating ourselves in a lot of the work. I now understand how this paper relates to my design and art practice and I believe that it is helping me through my other modules significantly.



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