Week 6, Task 1: Who else is talking about my topic?


Mary McGill. “Young Women, Narcissism, and the Selfie Phenomenon | Mary McGill | TEDxGalway“. TedX, 2016. Web. 27th April 2016.

Mary talks about how the selfie is changing our world.


Prince Ea. “Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?“. YouTube, 2014. Web. 27th April 2016.

Talks about how we are slowly becoming disconnected from society because of the growth in technology around us. And how he selfie represents this as the selfie is making people more selfish and losing all connection, how we would rather take photos of things rather than take the moment in.


Rock, Margret. “What Van Gogh Can Teach You About Taking Selfies Will Blow Your Mind” Article, 2016. Web. 27th April 2016.




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