Week 4, Task 3E&F: Locating relevant material


Chiang, Sylvester. Sociological Impact of Selfies. Slideshow. Web. 14 March 2016.

This text is very interesting as it explains why the world is changing due to selfies and the effect this is happening on people. It goes back to great artists such as Vincent Van Gogh and Andy Warhol who created self-portraits.

Selfies and the history of self-portrait photography

Rawlings, Kandice. Selfies and the history of self-portrait photography. Article. Web. 14 March 2016

This article goes through the development of the selfie and the self-portrait and how it has developed over time and how this has altered the way that we view the self-portrait as we are constantly becoming more exposed to the idea of it.


  • Social media takeover leading to a lack of real life communication
  • Unobtainable beauty standards – celebrity selfies
  • Perception – the fakeness and concealments in selfies
  • Oversharing, the dangers of networking
  • Loss of culture – in a westernised world other cultures are often forgotten and diminished
  • Raising awareness of gender, race, sex, and class
  • Selfie as a mean of change and expression – breaking the conventional
  • Mental illnesses through the comparison of selfies
  • Visual media sharing creates a place of judgements and presumptions
  • Obsession with the physical self -> looks
  • The age technology and the selfie are introduced – are kids missing out on their childhood because of the iPhone, iPad etc.
  • Is the selfie still art – anyone with a camera can produce it

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