Week 4, Task 3A: Written Response

  1. What do you think Mirzeoff is asking you to think about? (50-100 words)

Mirzeoff is asking the reader to think about how the visual image and culture has changed the way that we perceive the image of identity through visual representations. He uses examples from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries to show us how much these representations have changed.

2. Do you think it might be important we know about it, hank about or consider it, or research it in more detail? Explain why? (50-100 words)

I think that it is very important that we know about the changing image of identity as we (as young adults) have grown up with the ‘selfie’ and to us this is very normal but has also created a level of narcissism in our generation. Knowing about the development of a visual image that changes the perspective of identity is very interesting as it opens a new side of the visual culture that we (as young adults) may not have known before. Researching this topic will be very interesting to see (even more in depth) how the representation of identity has developed into the narcissistic culture we live in today.

3. Select a visual text from the chapter that best exemplifies your understanding of Mirzeoffs ideas and explain why you have selected this in view of your understanding. Refer to the visual text to assist your explanation. (50-100 words) 

Selfies and the planetary majority (Mirzeoff, Nicholas 62)

“The building blocks of human identity imagined and cemented in the last century – what we call gender, sex, race, and class – have changed so radically that new life can be glimpsed ahead”(Halberstam, Jack 62)

In this visual text, it explains how the representation of identity is being reshaped and remade due to new resources such as the ‘selfie’ and digital applications such as MySpace and SnapChat which encourages people to chat using the selfie which over the last few years has become mainstream and has changed the whole idea of taking a selfie from occasionally taking a selfie to update profile pictures to adding filters to your face, taking selfies at any time becoming second nature to our generation.


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