Week 4, Task 2: Question Selection and Response

Question 1. ‘How to see yourself’ (Mirzoeff, Chapter 1. 31-69) draws attention to the changing nature of imagining, and of imaging identity and ‘the self’. Discuss some of the different ways that representations of identity have shifted over time. Draw upon some of Mirzoeff’s examples to explain different concerns artists, photographers and others have had about identity which has influenced the kinds of visual texts they produce. Use least one example from Mirzoeff and find 1-2 other examples. The discussion should explore historical change or how a marginalised identity confronts dominant identities.

Explain in your own words what you think the question is asking you to do?

Question one is asking the writer to discuss how individual identity has changed over time through representations in art and design practices, and how this has developed art and design practices further. To do this it would be a good idea to read through Mirzeoff’s examples that he uses in his work and also research how the image of identity has changed over time and why this is a reoccurring issue through history, dating back to the first art practices and now to see how these aspects of imagination/identity have changed.

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