Week 3, Task 3: Critical response essay draft 1

Explain why the processes of looking closely and thinking critically about visual texts are important to art and design pratices.

this involves us considering what makes a visual text in its particular context. Explore meanings beyond the surface content and messgae. Include relationships between maker/producer- artist/intention, visual text, the subject of the visual text (matter-outcome) and it’s audience or public (target- recation- perspectives)

To Analyze-

We assemble a world from pieces, assuming that what we see is both coherent and equivalent to reality. Until we discover it is not. (Mirzoeff, Nicholas 10)

-different viewpoints= different perspectives on what becomes the reality of art and design practices.

-consideration of the artist= the artist must be able to consider all of these viewpoints even if they are not reality, so that the visual text portrays the correct image needed, and not something that may be a concern to people that hold different perspectives e.g cultures, genders, ages, ethnicities etc.

-fair trade mark= different thoughts between our field trip group. to make a negative change or a positive change? money scam or change of morals? -changed perspectives due to age, upbringing & knowledge


-makes it easier for us to interpret its deeper understandings so that we can critically look at this visual text and analyse it.

-they are purposefully constructed so that we can interpret what is going on from the subject matter, what is surrounding it and the environment it is used in.

-makes it capable for us to understand the author, subject, audience and the means of communication.

-Blue Marble, Nicholas Mirzoeff, what is seen vs. what the underlying contributors to this image actually are. (how we all know this photo so well yet only 3 people have actually been able to see this view in real life)

Being a Critical Thinker-

-going beyond what is the reality to be able to explore and understand the underlying story of what is being told and portrayed by the artist(s.) = important to design and art practices.

-used throughout my work the last 3 weeks, becoming a critical thinker has enhanced my capability of understanding what is not the surface or reality. such as things like the relationship between the artist and their intentions, the subject matter and the outcome that this portrays, the target audience and the reaction that this audience gets from their own personal analysis from perspectives held.

-found a significant contrast when I was analyzing the billboards and the fruit labelling. Both of these types of advertising were directed at the general public.

the billboard had more visual elements to tell a story to the viewer= the public only have a few seconds to view this as they drive past so they have to capture the attention of the public and persuade them to try the product/service.

fruit advertising is very minimalistic, plain and is more focused on quality and price. People come to the supermarket knowing that they want to buy these products so advertising the idea (compared to the billboards) is not essential to this kind of advertising.


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