Week 2, Task 3: Comparing & Contrasting sites 1 & 2

Central Wellington Billboards/ New World Fruit & Vegetable Advertising

(left) Haileigh Patterson. Heineken Billboard. Courtney Place. Photograph. 15 March 2016

(right) Haileigh Patterson. New World Fruit Advertising. Willis Street New World. Photograph. 15 March 2016


The similarities of these two kinds of advertising are that they are both trying to get across an idea of a product/service to the consumer. This type of advertising is always temporary and, therefore, is no history behind the advertisements.  The target audience for both of these advertisements is the general public that will see these in everyday spaces, such as the streets or supermarkets.

Differences:Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 7.58.39 pm

Billboards show the suggestion of an idea, directed at an audience that may not already by that product. for example, this billboard tells a narrative that you should have a Tui Golden Larger if you are going on an adventure with friends. However, the advertising on fruit and vegetables is more simple and Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 7.59.06 pmminimalistic because the consumer knows that they want to buy the product already, they are more interested in the quality and price, so that is what is highlighted in the advertisements.


Haileigh Patterson. Tui Golden Lager Advertising Billboard. Taranaki Street. Photograph. 15 March 2016

Haileigh Patterson. SAVER Advertising Sign. Willis Street New World. Photograph. 15 March 2016







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