Week 2, Task 1: Field Trip Site Description & Analysis. Site 1, Wellington City Centre Billboards


Wellington City Centre. 2016. wellington.co.nz. Map. 15 March 2016

Wellingtons city centre has some of the busiest streets and motorways in the region, as it is connected to the CBD. Some of these streets include Taranaki Street, Lambton Quay, Cuba Street, Willis Street and Courtney Place.

A Billboard is a large sign displaying advertisements. They are usually placed in places where many people will see them, such as alongside busy roads or streets. They show large posters, bulletins, and other kinds of visual advertisements. Billboards that are along roads are designed to be noticed since they are seen for only a few seconds. They often have only a few words on them so that the audience are able to view the information.
DSC_0750These Billboards in Central Wellington are what I intended to investigate on my field trip.

Haileigh Patterson. Steinlager Advertising Billboard. Taranaki Street, Wellington. Photograph. 15 March 2016

These billboards are put up in the places which are easiest for motorists to see, and these people often become the target audience for the advertising/narrative that is being told. For example, the billboard on the right, located on Taranaki Street shows a beer being splashed with water. This will be viewed by the motorists, who the majority are adults, more likely to drink alcohol and gives the effect that when they get home they should enjoy an ice cold Steinlager.

However, the Smirnoff Vodka billboard below (located on Willis Street) shows a more minimalistic design approach. This makes the product come across more upper-class than the Steinlager advertisement.

Haileigh Patterson. Group Selfie. Pencil on paper. 15 March 2016

Haileigh Patterson. Smirnoff Advertising Sign. Willis Street. Photograph. 15 March 2016


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