Week 1, Task 5: Writing Response

Walker, Sheilagh. “Chapter seven: Conclusion. Notes to myself: Writing from the gut” Kia tau the rangimarie: Kaupapa Maori theory as a resistance against the construction of Maori as other. Auckland University: Unpublished Masters theses (excerpt), 1996. 153-154. Print.

Discuss the author’s perspectives and consider her ideas

Her perspectives have come from her upbringing and her culture as Maori entering a mono-cultured education system. With Pakeha creating the majority of the New Zealand education system this lead to her being stereotyped into this category where Maori are brought up being less educated, for example, not going to university. I believe that she is thinking too much about the situation. Growing up in the New Zealand education system myself, I know that everyone is given an equal chance at success, it’s just how much effort you put into it which equals the outcome.

Consider the voice of the text you have just read

The tone of this chapter is quite aggressive, you can tell that she feels passionate about the topic of her culture. Sheilagh uses the word “I” a lot in this extract, this made it quite hard for me to read. Using this pronoun also makes me feel like she is being quite narcissistic and self-congratulator, it also makes me feel like she is reflecting back on herself and her perspectives on the situation. However, because of her being expressive of her opinions and feelings towards Pakeha I found this quite interesting to read.


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