Week 1, Task 4: Reading Reflection

Featured Image: NASA, Apollo 17 Crew. Blue Marble. 1972. Photograph. NASA Johnson Space Centre. Web. 9 March 2016

Reading reflection for: HOW TO SEE THE WORLD– NICHOLAS MIRZOEFF pages 1-11

We assemble a world from pieces, assuming that what we see is both coherent and equivalent to reality. Until we discover it is not.” (Mirzoeff, Nicholas. 10)

The world that we live in is based on what we deem realistic from our personal perspectives on the world. Perspectives can be altered individually by different things such as religion, upbringing, age, race, gender etc. However, they are a key aspect of our critical thinking. We experience our everyday lives by filtering information through our personal perspectives/viewpoints. This often creates a false sense of reality until we get shown the truth and we become lost in what we believe

Every 2 minutes, Americans alone take more photographs than were made in the entire ninteenth century.” (Mirzoeff, Nicholas. 6)

The technology world is changing so dramatically around us that we are not seeing the full extent of this until it is given to us in cold hard facts. People aren’t photographing for history anymore. It’s for immediate gratification. If you’re photographing to share an image, you’re not photographing to keep it. In the nineteenth century, people really had to think about what they were shooting because the cost of the film was so high. And with the new digital age, people no longer have to think. The digital era kills awareness, the uncomfortable difficulty of actually seeing. I know that I have been trapped in this world as well, I’ll take the same four photographs minute by minute, hour by hour, day after day, and it’s a strangely upsetting experience.



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