Week 1, Task 2: Influences and aspirations


Keith Haring. Untitled. 1980 Sumi ink on paper. Web 9 March 2016 (http://www.gladstonegallery.com/artist/keith-haring/work/fullscreen#&panel1-1)

Keith Haring was an American artist and social activist whose work responded to the New York City street culture of the 1980s by expressing concepts of birth, death, sexuality, and war. His art work intregues me because of how expressive yet simple it is. There is something about how playful but also entising that always captures my attention.


Stefan Sagmeister. Aiga New Orleans Jambalaya. 1997. Graphic Design. Web 9 March 2016. http://www.sagmeisterwalsh.com/work/project/aiga-new-orleans-jambalaya/

Stefan Sagmeister is a well known Graphic designer and typographer. I have always seemed to go back to his work for artist model use because of how quirky his work is. His imagery along with overlaying text/drawings are very eye catching and can work with a lot of different target audiences.


Sebastian Bieniek. Doublefaced. 2014. Photography. Web 9 March 2016.

Sebastian Bieniek’s series Doublefaced features portraits of girls with the illusion of two faces. This series intrigues me because I am interested in this kind of surrealism-fashion photography. Bieniek makes the audience feel like she is the result of an awry experiment going about her everyday life. This illusion given to the audience makes for an intriguing and clever series.


Daehyun Kim. I Always Go Back To Me. 2010. Pigment liner and marker on a paper. Web 9 March 2016. http://www.moonassi.com/i-always-go-back-to-me/

Daehyun Kim is known for his illustrations, paintings and installations. His illustrations have always caught my eye because of the beautiful minimalistic black and white contrast through his illustrations that underlie a theme of identity, always dealing with people and their interactions but still hold a surrealist twist to them.



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